About Liz and Dave

Liz Clarke... is a mixed media artist whose work is characterised by strong, vibrant colours. She paints a wide variety of subjects, including flowers, foliage, birds, animals, landscapes and mystical themes. She is fascinated by bare trees and veins on leaves. Many of her paintings have textural elements and she often uses many different media.

Liz only started painting seriously in 2003, after a gap of about 30 years when she had proper jobs and no time to paint! Although she studied Art as part of her teacher training, her student years were mainly focused on textile art and modern embroidery. Interestingly, some of her paintings are sometimes mistaken for needlework.

In November 2013, Liz married Dave Marsh after almost 10 years together.
She is now Liz Marsh, so future paintings will be signed with her new name.

Dave Marsh... has drawn and painted as a hobby for most of his life but became a professional artist after he met Liz in 2004. In the past, he was best known as a pen and ink artist and many of his drawings of Yorkshire and Cumbria were published in the Dalesman and Cumbria magazines. He now works mainly in watercolour and gouache, often adding detail in pen and ink. He also works in pastels, usually for animal paintings. He has had a lot of success with paintings done in a restricted palette of blues and greys, which have a very atmospheric quality.

Liz and Dave discovered within the first two weeks of their relationship that they had both always wanted to make a living from art. To see if people liked their art, they started attending local art and craft fairs, with very positive results. In July 2005, they opened a gallery at Addingham Moorside, which was open almost every day for over seven years. The gallery closed on the 31st of January 2013 and for the next 3 years, Liz and Dave then moved into a new phase of travelling Art Shows, selling their work in different village halls.

The new Elm Gallery!

In October 2015, Liz and Dave moved house to Topcliffe, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire. This was an exciting development, because they had got planning permission to turn part of the property into a gallery, enabling them to live and work in the same place. On the 6th of December 2015 the new Elm Gallery opened to the public and it sells Liz and Dave's original paintings, prints and cards, as well as ceramics, jewellery and other handmade gifts from local craftspeople. A warm welcome awaits you!

Upper Gallery